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The management of Nigeria's energy resources presently, lies under the control of many organisations and institutions, amongst which is the Energy Commission of Nigeria, established as the apex organ of government for energy policy formulation and coordination.

It was in recognition of the crucial role of energy, as earlier highlighted, that the government established a high powered Board for the Commission, consisting of the President, C-in-C, as the Chairman and with Ministers charged with the responsibility for the following matters (as contained in the Decree) as members:-

  • Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Defence
  • Environment
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Finance and Economic Development
  • Petroleum Resources
  • Power and Steel
  • Science and Technology
  • Water Resources

The Director-General of the Energy Commission of Nigeria is the Secretary to the Commission. The Commission has power to regulate its own proceedings.

Below is a chart in pdf of the Organizatinal Structure of the Energy Commision of Nigeria that you can download.

ECN Structure.

The Board has the responsibility for the general management of the Commission while the day-to-day running of the affairs of the Commission is the responsibility of the Director-General. Also, the Act provides a Technical Arm for the Commission known as the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) .

It consists of professionals representing various Ministries, Government Agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations concerned with the regulation of production, supply, demand and utilisation of the various energy sources. It has sixteen(16) members (as modified by the Commission) with the Director-General of the Commission as its Chairman.

Other members are professionals representing the following Ministries, Government Agencies or Professional Organisations:

  • Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Environment
  • Finance and Economic Development
  • Industries
  • Petroleum Resources
  • Power and Steel
  • Science and Technology
  • Water Resources
  • Energy Research Centres and Any new energy centre(s) that may be established from time to time
  • Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) - To replace PHCN
  • Nigerian Coal Corporation
  • Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
  • Nigerian Society of Engineers

In addition, the Commission may co-opt, when necessary, any suitable Nigerian whose contribution may be needed by the Committee.

Internally, the ECN now has Six Departments , each under a Director

Similarly, there are five Energy Research Centres under the Commission with specific Technical/Research roles.

The above structure has effectively captured the stated objectives for setting up the Commission and has recognised the pre-eminent position of the energy sector in the national economy, while ensuring effective co-ordination of the inter-related energy activities of the various sectors of the economy.


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