The programme of activities of the ECN are derived from its assigned mission as enunciated in the act establishing it and as further amended.

The major objective is to guarantee adequate supply of energy at the least favourable costs for rapid economic, social, industrial and technological transformation of the country so as to enhance our national security. In other words, the ECN is to ensure sustainable energy for sustainable development.

In order to carry out the coordinating, monitoring and energy policy formulation functions, the Commission has been undertaking the following activities:

a.   Energy and rural development

b.   Energy policy and planning

c.   Energy supply and demand projections

d.   Energy research and development

e.   Energy information activities

f.    Energy statistics and data bank

g.   Energy extension services

h.   National and international cooperation in energy

i.    Physical development of laboratories and offices.

These activities of the Energy Commission of Nigeria are carried out by the Departments at the Headquarters and the Energy Research Centres located at Nsukka, Sokoto, Lagos, Bauchi, Ilorin and  Benin.