ECN Holds Validation Workshop on Nigerian Energy Calculator 2060

Energy Commission of Nigeria in collaboration with UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) organized a workshop on the Nigerian Energy Calculator 2060 (NECAL2060) which is an upgraded version of the Nigerian Energy Calculator 2050(NECAL2050).

The New Version/Calculator is uniquely open and transparent energy planning and modelling tool that can be used by governments, researchers, stakeholders, and the general public to understand and develop evidence-based policies and strengthen sustainable and net-zero energy planning.

The Director General Dr. Mustapha Abdullahi in his welcome address mentioned that (NECAL2060) is one of the few flagship energy planning tools adapted by the Commission for this purpose. It is an integrated energy planning tool built on the framework of the UK-2050 Calculator, for the purpose of assessing energy demand, energy supply, emissions and land use and forest emissions. The planning tool is designed to develop pathway combinations of energy demand and supply to achieve emissions reduction, while ensuring energy security based on available resources, emerging technologies and lifestyle changes.

The tool provides answer to the fundamental questions of how the energy system can evolve over the coming decades and its impact on greenhouse gas emissions, energy security, and energy mix for driving the economy and the cost implications.

The workshop is being organized to provide a platform for key stakeholders in the energy sector to engage in dialogue relating to energy demand & supply, energy efficiency, the role of renewable energy, emerging energy technologies, challenges & opportunities of future energy systems, and the country's responses & strategies climate change.

The Director General, ECN, Dr, Mustapha Abdullahi with some of the participants.

The Director General, ECN, Dr. Mustapha Abdullahi making his opening remarks.