Technical Advisory Committee

This is the technical arm of the Commission provided by Law, it consists of professionals representing various Ministries, Government Agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations concerned with the regulation of production, supply, demand and utilisation of the various energy sources. It has sixteen(16) members (as modified by the Commission) with the Director-General of the Commission as its Chairman.

Other members are professionals representing the following Ministries, Government Agencies or Professional Organisations:

  1. Agriculture and Rural Development
  2. Defence
  3. Energy Research Centres and any new Energy Centre(s) that may be established from time to time
  4. Environment
  5. Foreign Affairs
  6. Finance and Economic Development
  7. Industries
  8. Nigerian Coal Corporation
  9. Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) - To replace PHCN
  10. Nigerian Natioanl Petroleum Corporation
  11. Nigerian Society of Engineers
  12. Petroleum Resources
  13. Power and Steel
  14. Science and Technology
  15. Transport
  16. Water Resources

In addition, the Commission may co-opt, when necessary, any suitable Nigerian whose contribution may be needed by the Committee.